Burning Rock LAVA precision diagnosis & treatment data community

As medicine is booming and people go deeper in understanding the molecular mechanism for cancers, cancer treatment has evolved step by step from pregenome-based cytotoxic drug therapy to genome-based targeted therapy with constant efforts of probing into immunotherapy targeting multiple molecular markers. As the Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique is playing an increasingly crucial role in cancer treatment, immune checkpoint inhibitor test therein targeting a big panel of hundreds of genes in particular, clinicians may be confronted with all kinds of corresponding problems and challenges.

  • How to spare themselves from the challenge of clinical interpretation on thousands of types and sites of variation from hundreds of genes.
  • How to quickly spot prior patients with specific molecular markers and work out the most favorable therapeutic regimens for patients with the same molecular markers in conjunction with the prior patients’ diagnosis and treatment regimens and prognosis conditions.
  • How to quickly search for certain types of molecular markers and sort out corresponding prior patients in management; and how to make instant and convenient professional bioinformatics analysis upon classification and management. How to create an effective cooperation mechanism in a security-based way where doctors can compose a multi-center research team to work on rare case arrays with similar molecular markers, raise levels of evidence, and publish high impact factor articles to offer more powerful evidence for future patient diagnosis and treatment, which is more important for cancer diagnosis and treatment involves substantial private information of patients, hospitals and doctors.
  • To meet clinicians’ diagnosis, treatment, patient management and data mining needs in the NGS era, Burning Rock has developed a LAVA big data community for precision diagnosis and treatment.
  • Through instant testing report downloading and genetic variation database, doctors are spared from the trouble of interpretation on thousands of sites of variation from hundreds of genes. Furthermore, a convenient recording function is also provided to facilitate doctors to record key moment information in patients’ diagnosis and treatment and clinicians’ instantaneous scientific research inspiration. Only by no omission of any key information can the following data analysis and mining work out.
  • In addition, Burning Rock LAVA big data community for precision diagnosis and treatment is capable of quick search for genetic variation/diagnostic and therapeutic label information, together with a range of automatic/personalized grouping analytics and other functions, to help in doctors’ systemic patient management and analysis based on security.
  • Last but not least, on the ground of no leak of any key patient, hospital or doctor information or data security, an aid is given to doctors to seek partners online to create a synergy for more effective scientific research and exploration with the purpose of benefiting more patients in the future.
  • Based on Burning Rock's accurate and reliable NGS testing, Burning Rock LAVA big data community for precision diagnosis and treatment offers convenient instruments and value-added services for doctors to help in doctors’ clinical decision-making, patient management and production of scientific research results. It is expected to be considerate clinical testing data management platform for Chinese doctors.